Gorge Famous since 1991!

Derek July 28, 2011 0
Gorge Famous since 1991!


We make our dough daily in small batches using a special gourmet flour blend. Pizza dough is the most overlooked item in pizza preparation, often viewed as a mere base for toppings. In many chain pizzerias and Take-N-Bake choices the dough is purchased from a factory in frozen dough balls or flat rolled containing a wide variety of chemical additives, dough conditioners, preservatives, enricheners, etc. Not at Andrew’s!

Our pies are topped with quality cheeses, premium meats, supreme sauce and fresh produce, then cooked in a classic style pizza oven at 650* to create that authentic great Italian taste.

We will just say, “the best pizzas start with great quality ingredients and Andrew’s is proud to make the best pizzas in the Gorge since 1991.”

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